Philip Young Memorial Day 

Brooklands Motor Museum
Wednesday 9 March 2016

We’d like to thank all the friends and colleagues of Philip Young who turned up at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey on the 9th of March for a memorial celebration of Philip’s life. The birthplace of British motorsport, Brooklands was an ideal setting to remember a man to whom the internal combustion engine meant so much.

Memories were shared, anecdotes were swapped and a buffet lunch was enjoyed. Attendees were also treated to some fine archive footage of “PY” driving in the Himalayan Rallies of the 1980’s when he hustled a Rover, a Range Rover and a Skoda to varying levels of success.

Entertaining tributes to Philip were delivered by Lord David Steel, Fred Gallagher, William Medcalf, Nellie Bishop, Dr Paul Rees and Jonathan Turner. They all had a different story to tell but agreed on one thing, that this man really was a one off who had really touched their lives.

Roy Hatfield was one of many competitors who, upon hearing the speeches, were in reflective mood during the course of the day and quipped that “life is like Champagne, you’ve got to drink it while it’s fizzy”.

Franco Lupi, on behalf of Peter Livanos inaugurated the Philip Young Cup which was received on behalf of the ERA by the President, Lord Steel. The Cup will be presented to the best novice at the prize giving following the conclusion of the 2016 Peking to Paris Rally in July.

Memorial services can be bittersweet affairs but this one seemed to hit just the right note with the celebration of a great life being wrapped up with a minute’s noise. The massed ranks of Vintage and Classic rally cars down in the paddock revved and sounded their horns under the leadership of the magnificent and highly polished 24Ltr Napier Railton from the Brooklands collection.



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