Past Endurance Rally Association Events

Look back at a few of more than 70 major events that the Endurance Rally Association has organised, in more than 50 different countries around the world.

Peking to Paris

  • Peking to Paris - 2016

    The 2016 Peking to Paris is once again hailed as the greatest motoring adventure after the 107 participating crews complete the 36 day driving epic. Look back at the action on the 2016 Peking Paris pages. 

  • Peking to Paris - 2013

    The 2013 edition ERA Peking to Paris was described "by far the best yet" by twice winner Gerry Crown. This 33 day life changing adventure drove through China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Europe.

  • Peking to Paris - 2010

    Peking to Paris - 2007

    Following the success of the first ERA Peking to Paris event demand for a repeat was such that since 2007 the event has been run every three years. 

  • Peking to Paris - 1997

    90 years after the original Peking to Paris the ERA boldly devised the 1997 2nd Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. After an epic 45-day journey across half the world the event ended in France on October 18, 1997. 

The Flying Scotsman

The Alpine Trial

  • The 4th Alpine Trial 2018

    Since its first edition the Alpine Trial quickly become the premier event for those wishing to enjoy the finest alpine motoring on a route designed specifically for vintage motorcars.  The 2018 edition we no exception.

  • The 3rd Alpine Trial 2016

    From the Divonne-les-Bains start the 3rd Alpine Trial explored little known roads in the glorious Jura Mountains before the highly acclaimed route continued to its grand finale beside Lac d'Annecy.

  • The 2nd Alpine Trial 2015

    Route maestro Keith Baud studied his maps of France and came up with a great new route for 2015. The resulting participant accolades included 'The best day's rallying I've ever done'.

  • The 1st Alpine Trial 2014

    The Alpine Trial for Vintage cars used the best roads in the Rhone-Alpes providing both driver and navigator with a challenging but achievable event coupled with ample time for socialising.

The Classic Safari

  • The Classic Safari 2017

    Superb driving days with scenery from forest to desert and from the Indian Ocean to Namibia’s majestic Skeleton coast, through vast plains, vineyards, beaches and game parks with plenty of opportunity to enjoy Africa's spectacular wildlife.

  • The Classic Safari 2014

    Fascinating cars and interesting people provided perfect travelling companions on the 5th Classic Safari. The small group and emphasis on top-notch luxury lodges once again provided the perfect ingredients for this unique event.

  • The Classic Safari 2008

    The Classic Safari 2011

    Like the previous Classic Safaris the 2008 & 2011 edition events provided a small group of like-minded enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy Africa, without gruelling competition. 

  • The Classic Safari 2006

    The Classic Safari  2003

    Revisit the first two Classic Safari Challenge events in this popular and enduring series of adventure drives across the heart of Africa.

Other ERA Classic Rallies

  • Vintage Cape Horn 2013

    35 Vintage and Classic cars signed up to drive this epic 6000 kilometre, three week, adventure from Buenos Aires to Cape Horn through Argentina and Chile. Look back at the photographs, reports and results on the Vintage Cape Horn pages.

  • The Road to Mandalay 2015

    Early in 2015 70 crews set out from Raffles hotel on this ambitious and ground breaking Endurance Rally Association event driving from Singapore through Malaysia and Thailand before crossing the border into Burma on the first international rally to achieve this.. 

  • Trans America 2015

    The second edition ERA Trans America road trip adventure drove 8000 kilometres of highways and back roads from Halifax Nova Scotia to San Francisco California taking in many iconic American landmarks and features along the way.

  • The Sahara Challenge 2015

    The ERA has rallied Morocco many times since our first visit in 1993. Visiting exotic places and driving exciting roads the 2015 Sahara Challenge raised the bar to new heights and will surely take its place as an epic event in the true ERA tradition.


  • Trans America 2012

    This innovative event drove roads through some of the best and most spectacular scenery that both the United States and Canada has to offer. Another first organised by the hugely experienced ERA team with over 65 international events under their belt.

  • London to Cape Town 2012

    A fine mix of wonderful cars and even more wonderful people graced this unique and fantastically succesful event. Look back at the full story of this remarkable event that included a drive though Saudi Arabia on the route from London to the southern tip of Africa.

  • The Nile Trial 2009

    The Nile Trial was the first ever classic rally follow this route – rather a rare accomplishment in the prevailing political climate. The entrants drove across the top of North Africa taking in Tunisia and Libya to reach Egypt – a memorable Endurance Rally Association first.

  • London Casablanca 2009

    Ten days of action packed adventure started in the woods of Kent before a short run to Dover. After the Channel Crossing we stopped at Le Mans. France and Spain followed before reaching Morocco, where the serious comeptition really began. 

  • London to Dakar 2005

    London to Dakar pitted man and machine against the elements on this memorable challenge from the ERA. Only those who have driven these deserts will really appreciate the achievment of Alastair Caldwell and Brian Johnson who took a 15 year old Peugeot hatchback to victory.

  • Around the World in 80 Days

    The ERA's Around the World in 80 Days Motor Challenge held in the millenium year still ranks as the world's longest motor rally, both in terms of distance as well as days. This long distance rally was a real first, in every sense, the first-ever timed-lap of the globe.

  • The Rally of the Incas 2016

    After the very successful Vintage Cape Horn Rally in 2013 the ERA returned to South America in 2016 to explore the best roads and must see places through Argentina, Chile and Peru. Click the image to look back on the Rally of the Incas.

  • The Baltic Classic Rally 2017

    This new ERA two-week rallying adventure started in Copenhagen on Sunday 28th May 2017.  The 14 day route route took in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland before finishing in Berlin on Saturday 10th June.

  • The Blue Train Challenge 2017

    Five days of fine rallying that captured the essence of the legendary Blue Train races of the 20s & 30s driving the beautiful byways and countryside of France from the elegant resort of Deauville to a gala finish in Cannes on the sparkling Mediterranean .

  • Road to Saigon 2018

    After the Road to Mandalay rally in 2015 the ERA returned to Singapore for a new adventure taking the Road to Saigon. Through Malaysia, Thailand, & Cambodia and on to the Vietnam finish in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.

  • Trans America 2018

    The third ERA Trans America adventure saw an all-new route that mixed the beautiful south and diverse locations with scenic trails and regularities, to deliver three weeks of competitive rallying and travel adventure.  Another fine ERA rally event.

  • Himalayan Challenge 2018

    This was an exceptional and exclusive rally adventure. A tough, high octane, high altitude event where the survival instinct was required to cope with everything from monkeys to the monsoon.  A truly unforgettable experience.




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