Endurance Rally Association 2015 Yearbook

The ERA 2015 Yearbook has arrived.

For more than a quarter of a century Philip Young’s rallies have ventured across continents. Not a year has passed since1988 without an event, so it is surprising that this is the first-ever Endurance Rally Association Yearbook.

The 2015 Yearbook documents just one glorious rallying year of the ERA. It follows the action as competitors journey across the globe from Myanmar to Mount Rushmore, via the Scottish Glens, before scaling the heights of the Alps and traversing the deserts of the African Sahara.

Packed with stories and nearly 300 stunning colour photos taken by the ERA’s resilient and perceptive photographer, Gerard Brown, this book offers an unrivalled insight into the highs and lows of long-distance adventure rallying. There is really nothing on earth quite like it.

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