The Blue Train Challenge 2017

18  -  22 September,  2017

The Blue Train Challenge - Participants

New Entries for the New Year

The post Christmas post-bag has included a flurry of Blue Train Challenge entries. The appeal of this new event to participants from Switzerland continues as we welcome Thomas Henne and Barbara Wernle in their 1927 Bentley 4½. They are joined by a brace of Talbots - a 1934 AV105 for the Irish team of Andrew and Ann Boland and a Lago T120 for Max and Andrea Sowerby from the UK. In place of their usual Rolls Royce, Keith Wickham and Brian Spearman are bringing their 1948 Bentley Le Mans 8 for this outing. The recently announced Riviera Cup is generating much interest with two recent entries received from the Benelux countries. The Belgian pairing of Alain Faymonville and Anya Heyen have chosen a 1955 Porsche 356SC while Gerard Bas and Janet Bas van Oijen have entered their very rare 1954 Arnolt Bristol Bolide, which has previously tackled the Mille Miglia and Tulpenrallye. 

Updated 13th January 2017

ParticipantsMotorcarEngine size
Dominic Manser(GB) / Jack Manser(GB)1924 - Bentley 3-4½4398
Thomas Henne(CH) / Barbara Wernle(CH)1927 - Bentley 4½4500
Michael Cotter(IRL) / Andrew O'Donohoe(IRL)1928 - Bentley 4½ Blower4398
Roland Frey(CH) / Helen Frey(CH)1928 - Bentley 4½ Le Mans4398
Bill Holroyd(GB) / Julie Holroyd(GB)1929 - Bentley 4½ VDP Tourer4500
Beat Hirs(CH) / Elisabeth Hirs(CH)1932 - Alvis Speed 203571
Jacobus Mast(NL) / Rogier van Eden(NL)1932 - Bentley Speed Six6300
Simon Skelding(GB) / Judy Skelding(GB)1933 - Lagonda M454453
Alex Vassbotten(N) / Anne Vassbotten(N)1934 - Alvis Speed 202500
Nigel Dowding(GB) / Mary Antcliff(GB)1934 - Aston Martin MkII1495
Andrew Boland(IRL) / Ann Boland(IRL)1934 - Talbot AV1052969
Urs Mezger(CH) / Denise Mezger(CH)1935 - Lagonda M45 Rapide4500
Bernd Dannenmaier(D) / Christiane Dannenmaier(D)1935 - Riley Sprite Prototype1596
Jan Hradecky(CZ) / Dana Hradecka(CZ)1936 - Aero 50 Roadster1997
Jeff Urbina(USA) / Chris Pike(NZ)1936 - Ford Cabriolet4650
Anders Thorell(SE) / Ulf Forsberg(SE)1936 - Morgan 4/4 Roadster1122
Jean Steinhauser(LU) / Anne Steinhauser-Collard(LU)1937 - Bentley Derby Open Tourer4410
James Gately(USA) / Tony Brooks(GB)1937 - Cadillac 60 Series Coupe5670
Bjorn Schage(N) / Anne Berit Schage(N)1938 - Alvis Speed 253498
Christian Brash(GB) / Matthew Brash(GB)1938 - Aston Martin 15/98 Sports1958
Tim Eades(USA) / Jack Baldwin(USA)1938 - Chevrolet Fangio Coupe3850
Philip Lunnon(GB) / Michael Draper(GB)1938 - Jaguar SS1003500
Richard Jeffcoate(GB) / Tom Jeffcoate(GB)1938 - Riley 16/4 Special2500
Michael Kershaw(GB) / Marlies Kershaw(GB)1939 - Bentley 4¼ Saloon4250
Gavin Henderson(GB) / Diana Henderson(GB)1939 - Frazer Nash BMW 3281971
Francis Rhatigan(IRL) / Marie Rhatigan(IRL)1939 - Frazer Nash BMW 3282000
Max Sowerby(GB) / Andrea Sowerby(GB)1939 - Talbot Lago T1202996
Keith Wickham(GB) / Brian Spearman(GB)1948 - Bentley Le Mans 86250
Alex Pesci(CH) / Christine Pesci(CH)1949 - Bentley Blue Train5675
Gerard Bas(CH) / Janet Bas van Oijen(NL)1954 - Arnolt Bristol Bolide1991
Alain Faymonville(B) / Anya Heyen(B)1955 - Porsche 356SC1582


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