The 5th Classic Safari Challenge 2014

1st - 26th  May, 2014

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  • The Route

    The cars and crews taking part on the 5th Classic Safari Challenge will leave Cape Town at the start of a driving adventure through some of the most stunning terrain on earth.

  • Questions & Answers

    Intrepid drivers and crews will enjoy a fantastic experience travelling through some of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth -and have an amazing time doing it...

  • Previous Events

    This is the fifth Classic Safari created and run by the ERA - with highly successful events run in 2011, 2008, 2006 and 2003.

  • Full Entry List

    We found extra accommodation to extend the entry-list to 29, but with several crews on an Reserve List - we are now full!

After four successful Classic Safari Challenge’s we are now planning the 5th, and naturally hope this will go down as the best yet in the series... nobody else has quite the same past-experience of route-planning for vintage and classic cars in Africa, and the following agenda is now under our microscope as “highlights” of a 26-day event, planned for May 1st, finishing back in Cape Town.

With the emphasis on top-notch out of the way luxury lodges and small hotels, we won't make this any bigger. Fascinating cars, and interesting people, will make for some great company, given there is a strong social element to this event.

You take advantage of a return air-ticket, and simpler and less-costly shipping formalities with a start and finish from the foot of Africa. Naturally we will use our past experience to avoid the hum-drum monotony of roads like the Caprivi Strip, our emphasis is on the experience of driving remote countryside, interesting and challenging driving-days, under big Africa skies, with schedules planned within the bounds of a Vintage car, in order to concentrate on the social-side... and viewing the wild-life on game-drives, blended with plenty of time-off.

This is a dedicated event where the numbers are deliberately kept small. Our past events have been mostly couples – limited to 24 cars. Anything bigger and it will not be as friendly... and access to the tiny lodges becomes impossible.

Chartering a squadron of light-aircraft to escape from the driving for a couple of days to visit a luxurious lodge in the heart of the Okavango bush is something we have past experience of... (our 2011 Classic Safari had two such air-lifts, one to a desert island in the Indian Ocean).

This is a concept of rallying where the emphasis is on personal attention, backed up by the most experienced sweeper-mechanics and Rally Doctor, a concept other Organisations now want to copy. However, there can be only one Original - and the track-record we have gained from over 12 events in Africa provides you as an Entrant the reassurance that comes from knowing you are in good hands... peace of mind that comes from knowing the Organising Team have the experience to deliver should Africa serve the unexpected.


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